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Holistic Therapies and Training, Meditation, Sacred Fires
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Experience the Starlight Lotus of Stonehenge

Lotus Light of Stonehenge strengthens your light presence and the light net on Earth. Untouched by time and space, the creation levels of light are guarded. Let yourself be touched by the light of your own origin, reach out for your soul family and your spiritual companions and helpers.
Your potential and your unique soul qualities from all times can be experienced in one moment. This seminar awakens the resonances for your own light; it supports the transition into the new time and nourishes a joyful flow! It takes place in Stonehenge and at the Starlight Centre. Read more

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The Path Into Light®

The Path Into Light® is the path to discovering your inner self. The hectic of our lives often make us forget who we really are which can create a sense of unhappiness or unfulfilment. The Path into Light® is a six day seminar which designed to help you find your true self again with the help of meditation and group exercises. Everything is there within you, waiting to be found and incorporated into your life. The Path into Light® offers an opportunity to get in touch with your spiritual self, to find more about your inner workings-on and to become more aware of why you are on Earth. Read more

Star Priests & Priestesses Course

Star Priests and Priestesses are now awakening. They are remembering their starlight origin and are taking their place on Earth. They serve the Divine Mother, who is the creation expression of the starlight worlds. Star Priests and Priestesses guard holy starlight fires. They bring starlight to Earth and to human kind. They manifest starlight places and create connections to the stars. Read more